Currently Brandon is working on finishing his script for a short web series. Previously he has written for Fairy Bones for their music video, “Notes From Wonderland”, his short film “Beneath The Surface”, and his first short film “Whisper from Within”. Here is the poem in written form, and in video form, linked below for your enjoyment.

“Whisper From Within”
Copyright 2012-2018

there's a chill in my heart
a whisper from within
but this quiet, a divide
from where we begin

with a brush in my hand
and a dream of an end
i color the seasons
so the damage will mend

the ocean in my eyes
much to my chagrin
fades more with the years
against weathered skin

i hide behind smiles
like long distance friends
but the space between us
is it real or pretend?

memories surround me
blocking out skylines
terrified of loneliness
and how i'm defined

a kiss on my lips
to comfort the mind
i drink from the sea
filled up by the blind

trapped by the screens
that bombard our lives
i've tried to escape
but i'm quickly denied

there's a place in my head
where i can still hide
it's the only place left
that i consider mine