"If a photo is, in fact, worth a thousand words, then the collection of essays lining the walls of Brandon McGill’s Phoenix studio tell tales of imagination, heartache, vulnerability, triumph and fantasy, while celebrating light, color, contrast and individuality.

But the story doesn’t end there. Because McGill’s canvases are alive (even before his art is), they bring human elements to each project. From apprehensions about posing nude to personal stories and requests, each masterpiece is as unique as the person underneath the paint.

Surrounded by his visual resume, McGill recounts specifics of each experience — their goals going into the project, how the painting and photography process went and even the social media response to each — and it’s clear that he’s as connected to each and every model as he is to the creations they wear."

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Artist Brandon McGill has always been on the frontier of body painting. But the openly gay painter and photographer pushes himself not just to improve his craft, but also to improve himself.

“I paint to figure out what is going on in the world,” he said. “You can only be exposed to so much. It’s great to see what bonds people together.”

The body painter has a new series of portraits, Contact, that displays several couples who differ both sexually and romantically. McGill searched for couples with unique stories—gay, straight, monogamous, polyamorous.

“I wanted to know with each couple, ‘What makes you work? What are some of the challenges? And how can I bring those out?’” he said. “I wanted to see how different people valued different things.”

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Chelsey Louise co-directed with Brandon McGill, with whom she’s done a brilliant job of filtering the psychedelic essence of the song through Carroll’s characters. The costuming and makeup are amazing, which may have played a huge role in their picking up "Best Music Video" at Phoenix Comicon.

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If you are a fan of local art rockers Fairy Bones, there is no doubt that you've been eagerly awaiting the release of their newest video for the final track from last year's Dramabot, "Notes From Wonderland." It is the group's best video since the creepy house party that was "Waiting," and it may well be the best local video so far this year. It's certainly the best local video since 80/20 Records label mates Captain Squeegee released "Seek." The video was written and directed by artist and body painter extraordinaire Brandon McGill and lead singer Chelsey Louise Richard. Photographer Jim Fury Hesterman shot it, Rachael Smith of Ray² Photography edited, and Kelly Gordon Sahr did wardrobe. Local music scene fiends Patro Gaston, Katherine Cronn, Bryan Preston, Victoria Bee, Sheri Amourr, and many, many more also make appearances. 

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