What type of BODY DO YOU PREFER?

All types of bodies are welcome in the studio. I specialize in tackling the unconventional and creating the memorable. The model's gender identity, expression, sexual preference, race, religion, veteran status, age, or disability do not factor into being considered for a body painting. If you have an adventurous spirit, you will probably enjoy being transformed into something majestic!

When I began painting bodies, I wanted to prove that men could be works of art, as the body painting community focuses primarily on female models. Since then I've worked closely with all genders, and a recent project featured in Echo Magazine, celebrated the Transgender community.  NEON CITY is my current project, and tells a story with vivid colors, bright lights, and eye catching art!

What should i do to prepare for a bodY painting? Do i have to shave my body?

This is probably the most frequent question I get, so I wanted to create a place for everyone to reference this. First off I would recommend getting plenty of sleep, as there is some standing involved. Please have a light meal beforehand, so you have some energy to burn. I usually have coffee, tea, water, and snacks on hand if needed. I recommend staying hydrated throughout the day.

Please exfoliate the day of the appointment. If your skin is especially dry, please moisturize the morning of. If your skin is very oily, please refrain from moisturizing, as too much oil will break up the paint.  This cause the art to "decay" faster than normal.

If you have body hair/facial hair, please shave accordingly.  I would recommend shaving the day of, making sure to moisturize and add heat before you do a clean shave. Because your body is a canvas, hair tends to muddle the art or make it difficult to draw straight lines. In addition, I frequently use latex, which is painful to take off with hair in place Basically anywhere you think I will paint, I would recommend shaving or trimming back considerably.  Exceptions can be made however, so please contact me if you are not sure about an area.

When the painting is complete, you will usually wear the art out, or for a small fee shower at the studio. I recommend using Dr. Bronner's soap to remove the paint/latex and a warm wash rag.  Coconut Oil also works wonders. If you have very sensitive skin, please take care in removing the latex. You may want to massage the area with oil to slowly release adhesion from your skin.

How much does it cost to get painted?















Who chooses the art?


Thank you for your interest in hiring me!  For many, body painting is a unique and incredible experience. I hope you will consider my efforts as I transform you.  Here are my 2017 prices, and what it includes


$222 - Mini Experience (Studio Only) - Ready to be painted but don’t want to commit to a full session? Try out the Mini Experience, which includes:
2 hours of paint. 22 mins of photography.  2 Professionally Edited Photos, 2 Unedited.

$333 - Standard Experience - This session may cover the entire body, depending on your height and the detail you want. The extra budget will also allow prosthetics and fun materials!
3.5 hours of paint, 30 mins of photography.  4 Professionally Edited Photos, 4 Unedited, and a Print!

$444 - Deluxe Experience - This top tier session includes a special Video documenting the different stages of the painting, prints, and a coffee mug.
5 hours of paint, 30 mins of photography. 4 Prof. Edited Photos. Video Of Progress. Four 5x7 Prints & Photo Coffee Mug.

There is a $50 Travel Fee for non studio sessions in the greater Phoenix Metropolitan Area. Please contact assistant@brandonmcgill.com if you have needs outside of this scope.


Do you have a service you can trade? Perhaps a physical product you think I will enjoy? Contact me to see if I'm interested.


For those that have large social media followings, or who feel they possess something I cannot find anywhere else, you are welcome to pitch your idea. Although I don't typically accept free sessions, I'm happy to hear your proposal.


Have an event you want me to paint at? I'm happy to help provide entertainment.

$300 - Small Event
2 Hours of painting by Brandon McGill
*Optional assistant on hand to help facilitate questions, or to aid in painting.
30 Minute setup/tear down included.

$400 - Large Event - Recommended
3 Hours of painting by Brandon McGill
*Optional assistant on hand to help facilitate questions, or to aid in painting.
30 Minute setup/tear down included.

$100-$150 - Model Provided

I will provide the model, please let me know what type of canvas you prefer


Who has a say in what art goes on the body? That's a great question! Generally a project comes to fruition in one of three ways:

1) The client applies to a themed project, with the understanding that they will be transformed into a character or archetype of their choosing, painted in my style. Examples include: Zodiac, Heroes & Villains, Twisted Fairy Tales, and Alive in Wonderland.
2) The client requests a specific design of their own, painted in Brandon's style. 
3) The client books Brandon for a session with the idea that they are just the canvas, and during the painting the art is procedural. This could mean that colors mentioned, places travelled, or inspirations provided will appear in the body painting.  This is a unique experience, with no two pieces alike.