Chelsey Louise - Lead Singer of Fairy Bones:
Brandon is creative, relaxed and professional. We worked on a music video together and although the situation was new and provided a lot of roadblocks, Brandon rose to the challenge. One of my favorite things about Brandon is his professionalism. He is kind and easy to talk to - which is obviously important due to the intimate nature of his work. He is prompt and reliable - which are traits that can be hard to find in artists. And he is flexible - true to HIS vision but also open to creative ideas. A true team player. Would work on any project with Brandon and recommend him to others endlessly.

Joshua Johnson - Model
As somebody who has never modeled before you made me feel comfortable enough to take off my clothes and get painted Despite having insecurities from a skin disorder I've had my entire life. You know how to bring people out of their shells and make them feel welcome while in your presence.

Emma Porter - Model
From the moment I walked through the door Brandon made me feel welcome and at ease. I had never been body painted before. It was an experience I will not forget in a hurry, from his wonderful music playlist, easy going conversation to making sure I was comfortable throughout and of course the amazing transformation with breaks to see the progress and then the fun photo shoot. I can not think of any suggestions for improvement, in fact I returned 2.5 years later to be painted again. Thanks Brandon!

Rex Samuel - Model
Honestly, I loved the experience. I enjoyed being painted, and I hope to do so again. I didn't do it for any particular reason, other than I thought it sounded fun (and it was), and I will never regret it. I always hear that it's good to get out and try something new, and being painted was definitely new for me.

I wouldn't trade those memories for anything. I am more than grateful for the opportunity to have worked with you and to be a part of your passion. Thank you.

Dylan Riggs - Model
When I met the the artist Brandon McGill almost 2 years ago to date, I saw him as a unique, bubbly personality that has a surprising natural talent for helping people feel comfortable and welcome in his presence.
Not only do I still see these traits in Brandon, but as I have gotten to work with him and become friends with him

I've seen that he genuinely strives to make a positive impact in the community around him ALL the time. He encompasses this community within his work and when combined, they blossom. The models Brandon works with get the respect and limelight they deserve, and that being after many have gotten turned down by other artists simply for being who they are! When you create art with Brandon you are not judged in any way and you create TOGETHER. While he is completely professional, he is just as relatable. While he is serious and knows what is on his mind, he is equally funny and open to new ideas.

If you have ever thought about modeling or having an artist paint you, Brandon McGill should be your first choice. Every time.

Brandon Michael Kerby - Model
I wanted to take a moment to share my time spent with Brandon. We've been friends for quite some time now and I've always been captivated by his art, but it wasn't until the split of my husband in early 2016 that I felt comfortable enough to get painted. It wasn't because of my relationship status that kept me from it, but the status of my confidence level being constantly lowered to an all time low every single day. I will never regret the decision I made to finally get painted. It was a moment in my life that I will hold dear to me heart and cherish forever. He made me feel comfortable despite being completely naked and all the flaws I see in my body completely out in the open. I felt like a brand new person after my body had been transformed. If you ever have the opportunity to be painted, do it. Life is too short not to have some Brandon McGill art in your life!

Jacki "The Wizard of Badassery" Whitson - Model and Wrestler
Brandon is absolutely delightful to work with! He takes every precaution to make you feel as comfortable as possible during the process of turning you into an amazing piece of art. I know that Brandon is currently branching out with his technique which is exciting!

Purrversia Riot - Professional Model
I worked with Brandon as a live model painted during an event (face/neck/arms/upper chest, for time/requirement) where a costume was also "built" on me, creating a 3D decorative skirt and shoulder piece. Being the canvas for this creation was relaxing and enjoyable, as Brandon has a professional attitude regarding the body and kind treatment of the model who owns it. He respected any boundaries set by me, in terms of body area to be painted. To maintain an upbeat and calm atmosphere while making live art in front of an audience (which could be stressful for some), we talked about projects we were working on and played a game like "guess what I'm painting on your arm" during the process. (Christmas trees was the answer.) It was a fun and creative experience.

Kaylea Payne - Model
My body painting experience with Brandon was incredible! I was fortunate enough to be a part of "The Guardian" piece with Seth Powers. He and I have been best friends for about 12 years now, and he had previously worked with Brandon numerous times. I begged Seth to set something up for us, and he did! I had never met Brandon before the painting, and had definitely never been naked in front of a stranger before...let alone my best friend. Brandon is super affable, and makes the experience one of a kind. The whole process for me went pretty smoothly, and I forgot that I was even naked after about 30 minutes. I hadn't really modeled much before that day either, but Brandon and Seth were super helpful with what I could do and how to pose. We had a blast ripping liquid latex off of each other afterwards as well! ;D Overall, the whole experience was something I'll remember for the rest of my life.

Justin - Model
I had a great time with Brandon. We didn't decide on a theme until that morning. It was about 8 hours from idea to the end of the shoot. The time flew by. I felt very welcome at his place. We chatted the whole time, like we were old friends.

Cody Seaver - Model
Brandon, you know I absolutely adore you and getting painted by you. You have this way of making someone feel so relaxed and calm even though they're standing naked in front of you for extended periods of time.

Trevan Berry - Model
I've been painted twice, each time a different experience. My first, a bit awkward on my end, but you're engagement made it easy to shrug off. The second session flowed much smoother, all the shyness pushed out the first time. With returning models, maybe put something small from the past painting they became. Then it turns into a little scavenger hunt when you announce each piece of art. Your work is amazing, never stop doing it. Also, do another live event soon. Maybe instead of you painting in your living room, find a place to host the event, and invite other artists as well. Have it be a huge love art show, with an opportunity to purchase prints/book appointments.

Freddy Prince Charming - Drag King / Title Holder / Internet Personality
I love that you're personable throughout, and don't have unrealistic expectations (ie. Hours of standing completely still, no breaks etc). You obviously put a lot of thought into each of your pieces.

Ryan Crawford - Model
I was overjoyed to be selected in the TRANScendent project. And had been in a mini painting at pride with Brandon. I enjoyed the experience and how hospitable Brandon was when he invited me into his studio he made sure my guest and I were comfortable and had us laughing the whole time. Being trans you're not always comfortable in your body. Brandon made me forget I was standing there in just my underwear. One thing I would maybe want next time is a little more input on colours. I'm not a fan of pink and a good majority of my body painted were colours I normally wouldn't pick.

Tayler Davis - Model
I love everything about the experience! Fun, great personal interaction, becoming living art, watching as the piece comes to life. It's all amazing!!!

Selene Soal - Model
For most people, the idea of stripping naked for an artist brings forth a sensation of discomfort, and it did for me initially, though it was something I wanted and pushed myself to do. I didn't have to feel this way for long. Brandon McGill puts his models at ease rather quickly. He is not a strip for me, pose for me, and leave my presence kind of artist. No, he will talk to you about anything and everything before the painting begins. He will spend time showing you his many prints (which are by now exploding out of the studio and colonizing the hallway) and discussing them with such enthusiasm and care that one would think of them more as his children and less as tacked-up images on the walls. Brandon is very good at finding common ground with you, a video to watch, some music to listen to, an enthralling subject to discuss as the painting finally begins. He is utterly personable, and, even though I find myself in his studio only twice a year or so, I feel like an old friend each time I see him.
By the time the painting commences, the discomfort is all or mostly gone. Brandon makes no unnecessary remarks about your body, and you quickly conclude that his intentions are pure-- He is here to bring forth his art and share it with the world. For the more sensitive, the brush strokes may tickle occasionally, but it is by and large an enjoyable process. Brandon will consistently talk and joke with you, and he will show you the various stages of his work coming into being in the mirror.
Having found myself in his studio several times, I look back on the paintings he's performed on me with a fond nostalgia. They chronicle me in various different stages of my life, and they allow me to reflect on my growth and progress as a person. Now, the discomfort is gone. Now, I look forward to each painting session with barely contained excitement.

Jordan Camp - Model
I really enjoyed being painted, especially with the unique opportunity to be part of a trio. I have never been painted before and the experience was really fun. Brandon created a relaxing, yet invigorating environment that helped inspire even a novice model become artistically inspired. I can't wait for my next chance to work with him again!

Chris Latch - Model
I have enjoyed every single painting experience with Brandon McGill.  I was really nervous the first time I was painted, but he did dorky noises and talked to me while he painted my body.  It really helped to make me relax and get comfortable during the process.  His new studio allows him more space for the model, floor mats to make the standing comfortable, and he is always showing funny YouTube videos or playing music.  The one major thing that I was able to take away from these experiences is my new confidence in my own body.  Every time I am painted my self-esteemrises.  He is an amazing man, and I am proud to have been working with him since shortly after he began.