Please enjoy a selection of video content from Brandon McGill. 

Body Painting. Always fascinating, but rarely understood. Navajo Joe Films and Brandon McGill are proud to present "Beneath The Surface". A short documentary that explores Brandon's origin as a body painter. During this journey you will witness Seth Power's transformation into "Fire & Ice", a concept prepared for this film.

Created the Baphomet creature (body paint and prosthetics) featured in the music video as the antagonist from Hell. This won Arizona Republic's BEST MUSIC VIDEO OF THE YEAR. A number of parts such as the claws and fur were created on set, though the headpiece was built the night before. Hope you enjoy!

Assisted with directing, writing, body painting, makeup, and prosthetics. Won BEST MUSIC VIDEO at Phoenix Comicon, and made multiple Top 10 lists in Arizona!

Did you know I was on Television? My first appearance on the CW, with a story by Adam Waltz. Featuring Brandon McGill, and model Seth Powers.

Brandon has a quick makeup look inspired by Pop Art, Archer, and video games such as Borderlands.